You could have already got your first freelance job at Upwork. But you don't know these 6 secrets yet 🤫👇

Maria Thompson, Nov 25, 2022

Portfolio is the most important indicator of your reputation as a specialist. Your work shows your abilities and makes it clear to the client that you have already successfully worked with projects in related niches and have relevant experience. Projects in the portfolio increase the chance of a deal.

How to design a project? See our flashcards to find out all the life hacks.

A few tips:

- Before you decide to add a certain project to the portfolio, check whether it has a confidentiality agreement (NDA).

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- If you are an expert, it does not mean that you have nothing to add to your portfolio. You can show screenshots of the code, statistics, and so on.

- At Upwork, there is also an opportunity to attach a portfolio work to a project in the work history to back up the evidence and demonstrate your skills once again.





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