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Software Development Consultancy

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Our services

MVP Development

By creating stable and flexible code, we work faster, trying to make your full-fledged product high-quality when developing MVP. We will work on your product from idea to support.

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MVP Improvement

We collect all the necessary information and use it immediately after the first launch of your MVP solution, then we use an improvement strategy. This is necessary in order to make all the changes qualitatively and make the product as adaptive to the market as possible.

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Market Analysis

We use qualitative and quantitative methods to assess market needs, conduct competitor research and SWOT analysis, and provide you with reports and strategic ideas.

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MVP Consulting

One of the fundamentals of MVP functionality is to choose the most profitable technology stack for MVP software development. We will advise you on your project and provide all the information.

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High-End Full Stack Consulting

We will help improve certain business indicators: profitability, profitability, efficiency, liquidity, market value.

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We will advise you on emerging issues and deal with your task as soon as possible.

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Our experts study various data, analyze it in relation to the desired result, form hypotheses and offer solutions that will help you achieve your desired goal.

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The specialists of the crocode team use various methods and tools to simulate future situations. As a result, the client can find the optimal development path for himself.

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Revision and audit

Consultants examine the client's business, identify all the shortcomings and errors, suggest ways to eliminate negative aspects.

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Participation in the activities of the client

In this case, our experts accompany the client from start to finish. First, they analyze the business, find shortcomings, look for solutions, and then help implement these solutions. Evaluate the results and make adjustments if necessary.

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Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission, Vision & Values




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What they say about us

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Dean M.


Very talented team, fantastic React skills, completed all allocated tasks on time. Would highly recommend & looking forward together in the future

2 Sep. 2020

User avatar

Igor N.


With the Crocode team's expertise, the store started loading approximately 40% faster, increasing sales conversion rates by around 25%. The team communicated effectively through Telegram and Zoom and completed the tasks on time. Their expertise on the subject stood out.

26 Nov. 2021

George M.


The site Crocode built is good-looking and fast, reducing page loading times from 10 seconds to less than half a second. The team leads a good project management process, communicating effectively and staying on budget. Their thorough consultation has stood out, inspiring confidence in the client.

2 May 2021



We really liked the way the project was managed. They have always suggested different ways to optimize the product. And these were always proven solutions that worked.

17 dec. 2022

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HAPPY NEW YEAR from Crocode with love ❤️

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