Maria Thompson, Dec 2, 2022

Going to work-at-home is not a problem. The problem of building a career at work-at-home is self–control and productivity. Irreplaceable skills and obvious tips for freelancers, online course students, and work-at-home students.

1. Live by office time. Try to work the same way you would work during office hours. Save even lunch! It is good to disable all working programs after a certain time.

2. Use the Pomodoro technique:

- make a list of tasks for the day

- turn on the timer for 25 minutes and work

- take a break for 5 minutes

- after 4 pomodoros, rest for 15 minutes

3. Work when your family is asleep. 5:30 - 8:00, 23:00 - 24:00 can become your productive hours.

Fresh air and exercise

Get out of the house and move. At work-at-home, there is a temptation to lie in bed, eat chips, and watch TV shows until the morning. Therefore, to maintain life, do the simplest exercises at least 30 minutes a day.

Make a workplace

Don't work where you rest. It is good if there is a table. Take care of good headphones and microphone.

Relax and work on schedule

At work-at-home, home and work are mixed. Therefore, it is important to allocate a certain amount of time for tasks. Otherwise, it will seem to you that you can always work – and then you will burn out quickly.

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Do not work near food

Put the chocolates, cookies and other snacks in the cabinets, and put crispy vegetables in their place and always keep water nearby.

"Eat the toad"

First – unpleasant tasks. There are unpleasant tasks in any job, you always want to postpone them for later. Often this "later" comes too late. If the task cannot be skipped, then it is better to do it at the beginning of the day. There is no need to postpone work tasks for later just because no one sees what you are doing.

Don't get distracted

Talk to your family. Explain that working at home is the same job. Yes, there is more freedom and flexibility, but work tasks are still not going anywhere.

Come up with rituals

Anything – drink coffee at 13:00, and from 14 to 14:15 arrange a quiet hour. It is very important to dress up. You need to create a feeling in your brain that you are going to work, and when it's over, there will be some kind of ritual that will show it. Don't sit in your pajamas all day.

And most importantly, try everything. Perhaps working from home will not be your option and you will be happy to return to the office. The main thing is to listen to yourself and choose jobs for the soul!

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