Hard Skills Vs Soft Skills

Maria Thompson, Dec 16, 2022

When you are looking for an employee, do you think about what is more important to you — professional competencies or personal qualities? Do you need a cool specialist who will start working effectively tomorrow, but will not be able to find a common language with the team? Or do you see a sociable, self-confident newcomer in the position, the soul and heart of the team, whom you will train already in the process of work? Choose the option that is closer to you.

We have prepared for you a visual between two types of skills. And what have you pumped more?

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Soft skills

1. High level of emotional intelligence EQ (the right hemisphere of the brain is responsible)

2. These skills are difficult to measure, test, track

3. The rules vary depending on a particular company or team

4. Adapt to a specific situation

Hard skills

1. Logic and a high IQ level are important (the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible)

2. Easy to measure with tests or exam

3. The rules remain unchanged for a certain profession and are independent of the person's environment

4. Actions are performed according to a certain scheme or pattern

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