Gartner named 10 strategic IT trends for 2023

Maria Thompson, Dec 23, 2022

The analytical company Gartner has presented a list of ten strategic technological trends that organizations are recommended to take into account in 2023. Gartner's technology strategic trends for 2023 cover three main areas — optimization, scaling, and innovative solutions. The presented list includes:

1. Sustainability

Company executives should invest more in innovative products designed to meet the demand for ESG solutions (environmental, social and corporate governance) to achieve sustainable development goals. We are talking about the introduction of analytics and artificial intelligence , the use of renewable energy sources , etc .

2. Metaverse

Analysts say that it is necessary to develop the concept of a metaverse — a virtual space in which users can interact with each other through their avatars. According to Gartner forecasts, by 2027, more than 40% of large organizations around the world will use a combination of Web3, augmented reality cloud and digital twins in metaverse-based projects to increase revenue.


3. Superapplications

Such solutions combine the capabilities of a traditional application, platform and ecosystem. Superapplications not only have their own set of functions, but also provide a platform for third-party developers to develop and publish their own mini-applications. A superapplication can combine and replace several common software tools.

4. Adaptive AI

Artificial intelligence systems with adaptive functions are focused on continuous retraining of models taking into account incoming data. This allows you to quickly adapt to changes in real conditions that were not foreseen or were not available during the initial development. Real-time feedback is used for dynamic learning and goal adjustment.

5. Digital Immune System

Digital immunity combines operations analysis, automated testing, automatic incident resolution, software development within IT operations and security in the supply chain. This approach helps to reduce risks and increase customer satisfaction, which means to increase revenue.

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6. Applied observability

The concept allows organizations to use their data artifacts (logs, API calls, file uploads, etc.) to gain a competitive advantage. This information can help with strategic planning and organizational decision-making.

7. AI Trust, Risk and Security Management

Organizations should implement new capabilities to ensure the reliability of models, security and data protection in systems based on artificial intelligence. This will help to increase the effectiveness of projects in this area.

8. Industry Cloud platforms

Such solutions offer a combination of SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service), providing sets of services to support specific industry use cases. Enterprises can use the capabilities of cloud platforms as "building blocks" for the implementation of unique and differentiable digital business projects.


9. Platforms for engineering

The direction provides for the creation and use of platforms for developers providing software delivery and lifecycle management. The goal is to speed up the work of product teams.

10. Analyzing the value of wireless communication

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 60% of enterprises will simultaneously use five or more wireless technologies. In such a situation, wireless networks will become a source of immediate business value.

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