How do I choose an executor for my project?

Maria Thompson, Dec 6, 2022

We answer one of the most popular questions from the customer and give advice on how to choose the right company for your project.

The problem of choice

You have posted a vacancy and more people have responded to it than you expected. Here comes the hardest part - the choice. A lot of thoughts will be flattered into your head: what if not? And if I was wrong? This company seems to be good. And that studio, maybe give the order to them? This moment in psychology is called "analytical paralysis", in which the collection and analysis of information from a means of finding a solution turns into an end in itself. A person chooses, chooses, but cannot choose in any way. There is too much data, too many alternatives and ranking factors. And all this against the background of inflated expectations. However, it is necessary to make a choice, otherwise the matter will not get off the ground.

Mistakes of a novice customer

Experienced customers who have opened several dozen projects know perfectly well how important it is to formulate their goals accurately. A well-written application text significantly increases the chances of finding a worthy performer. Mainly because some part will be automatically eliminated due to non-compliance with the client's requirements. The more detailed the task is described, the easier it will be to find the right performer. Conversely, the more vague the wording, the greater the number of applicants among whom you will have to choose. The customer, who did not attach importance to the description of his problem, makes a big mistake.


To make the task easier for yourself, the first thing you need to get acquainted with the applicants' cases. Cases are a showcase that demonstrates the level of his skill. Looking through the cases, you can understand what style the company works in, what techniques they use, who they have worked with before, and much more.

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The second thing you should definitely pay attention to is customer reviews. The more positive reviews, the better. This means that the company is actively working, is responsible for the performance of assigned tasks and has the necessary skills. It is advisable to read all the reviews in order to get a more complete picture of the executor to whom you plan to entrust the work.

Time and money

Do not be greedy and entrust the work to a company that is ready to work at the lowest rates. Of course, the temptation to save is very great, but you should not go on about your own greed. Too often dumping companies do not cope with the task.


In order to quickly find a performer for your project and not to suffer with a choice, you first need to carefully formulate the task. The more detailed it is, the more unsuitable candidates will be eliminated at the very first stage. In the application, it is desirable to specify not only the requirements for the performers, but also the cost of the work, as well as indicate the deadlines for completing the task.

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