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Dec 20, 2022

What is GraphQL?⚡️

GraphQL is a query language for the API and a runtime environment for making these queries with your existing data.

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Nov 18, 2022

The Best Artificial Intelligence trends in 2023

Hyperautomatization is understood as the process of applying innovative developments for accelerated and simple tasks with minimal use of human power and knowledge. This concept is often called digital or intelligent automation. Many modern companies are forced to work with large flows of information, and automation is needed to extract them effectively. Knowledge about data and its analysis can be found everywhere and nowadays these tools are becoming more accessible to everyone.


Nov 15, 2022

What's new in Node.js 19.0.0?

At the end of October, the 19th version of the Node platform was released.js, and the current LTS becomes version 18. And what's new in the 19th version?